While reflecting on my blog this evening, I realized that trying to take pictures that incorporated the theme ‘movement’ really forced me to be creative. When one thinks of movement, they usually think of either walking, or other modes of transportation. However, movement can mean so many different things, and can be viewed in so many different ways. For example, while posting on this blog I realized that I had found movement in age and in water, which is something that I do not feel I would have thought of as movement before this blog. After completing this blog, I feel that I have created a new definition for myself of the word movement which “change over a period of time.”

While something is moving, it is constantly changing. This blog allowed me to be creative and think in many different ways, which I am thankful for. I feel that an assignment similar to this could be taken into the classroom very easily, possibly in a high school photography class. The students could chose a theme or topic and could take two pictures a week of something that incorporates their topic.

Furthermore, I am also very thankful for this blog because it allowed me to work on a skill that I am not very good at it, but would like to get better at, and that is photography.

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Whole Brain Teaching

This is phenomenal! I came across this video in another class and think this is absolutely amazing. Would love to read more into it…a must watch for sure!

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Watch this befor you teach.

Great video to watch to prepare yourselves for first year teaching! I will for sure watch this before my first teaching job.

ECMP 355-020 Winter 2013

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I have posted the link to my education board on Pinterest. I find great resources, activities, and posters to put up in my classroom on Pinterest. Feel free to check it out!

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I love Dr. Seuss!

I love Dr. Seuss!

Good things to remind our students of!

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Although this does not necessarily pertain to education, it is still something we should be aware of! Personally, I often forget how blessed I am.

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ECS 100

Last week in my ECS 100 lecture we had a presentation from Dr. Alec Couros on technology. I wish I could share the whole presentation with everybody as it was wonderful! I would most definitely recommend googling him as he has great ideas. 

He showed us a video of a young boy who had taken a beyonce video, learned all of her dance steps, recorded himself dancing, and put the two videos together and posted it on YouTube. This would have taken the boy probably a couple months to do all this. The video was so creative, well thought out, and well edited. One thing that Dr. Couros mentioned that really stood out to me was “how do we get our students to be this creative IN school?” This young boy worked for months on making sure this video was absolutely perfect. How do we get students to do that in school? Something to think about…

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